L5R: Chronicles of the Ota


Session 3

Ota Ryoko speaks with her father asking how he will train Asahina Dorai when he hasn't even trained her. Ota Ekaido says that it would be lovely to teach her but she never wanted to learn and was only interested in poetry and swordplay. Ota Ryoko proposes to retrieve Ota Keiasu from the monastery and inspire him to relearn. Ota Rikimaru points out that Ota Keiasu was greatly demoralized by the loss of his hand.

Ota Ryoko returns from speaking with her father and Ota Noriko, Favored Chef of Kuwanan returns to the kitchen to supervise. Ota Ryoko makes Asahina Dorai wait fairly late. She suggests we take him to the South Garden. From the outside it looks like solid wall of bamboo, but the interior is mostly open. It makes you feel like you are somewhere safe. The veil of bamboo is built like a sundial. Some of the foolish peasants believe that the wind that whistles through the garden may be a ghost. It's the only place in Mimura where the night-blooming moonflowers grow. They were a gift from a long-ago guest, but no one remembers who or from where. We go to the garden and it's peaceful. The very pale pink moonflowers are blooming and fragrant.

Asahina Dorai joins us in the garden. Daidoji Kazomara senses no enemies about. Ota Rikimaru bids him read his message. He does so and we do not understand him. A wind blows and the leaves shape into a mock up of Doji Kuwanan with moonflowers for eyes. In four weeks Doji Konishiko the Crane General (and his niece) will come by to learn what we have found and decide what to do for the good of the Crane. 

We're somewhat surprised that Asahina Dorai is a shugenja. Ota Ryoko suggests we find a battle because that's what generals like. Daidoji Kazomara suggests that some Cane generals value subtlety.  Ota Ryoko tasks Daidoji Kazomara with finding out more about the general.

Things to do:

  • Prepare the guest list for winter court with an eye toward getting commitments for people to attend (about 3 months hence). Invitations need to go out in a month for Crane, or six weeks for far-flung clans (Mantis, Unicorn, Phoenix).
  • Prepare the Winter Court keeping in mind that the Imperials might be snowed in with us. Perhaps two plans, one with imperials and one without imperials.
  • Take Imperials out to survey the lands. Talk to the Jade Cygnets about getting the Crimson Lynx to stay away and/or about staging an attack. Crimson Lynx is more active right now, and very unfriendly.
  • Take the Imperials to show them Mimura.
  • Ota Ekaido is ill. Find healing for him if we can.
  • Investigate the scar and find out about it. We have four weeks.
  • Find out more about General Doji Konishiko.
  • Figure out what's going on with the death kanji in the garden.
  • See about building an observation tower to the southwest to see the scar and keep a watch on it. Used to be a waystation to the southwest. Daidoji Nezu says that the waystation is still there, and mostly intact, but the Crimson Lynx have started using it.
  • Run off the Crimson Lynx. 

Daidoji Kazamara and Utaku  Elham head in to town to gather rumors and intel at the Silver Okasan. Doshen Umezawa greets us at the edge of town, having heard our hoofbeats. 

cue cantina music

There are scantily clad men and women dancing. The ronin are playing Fortunes and Winds. The sake is really terrible, but at least it's hot. Five (?) tax men. Some are samurai and some are not. Common gossip says our taxes are going up. People are in good spirits because the second barley harvest is bountiful and no one will go hungry this winter. Crab spotted on the southern border. Ronin should go the castle to look for jobs against the Crab. Otaku Elham learns that there are 4 groups of crab heading north (5-20 persons). Leave the sake with a Ronin.

Utaku Elham is walked back to her home. Daidoji Kazamara has a fun gallop in the moonlight back to the castle.

Ota Shizu (1 point of power), head of the SIlver Owl Guard (looks like the spitting image of Ota Misami). Ota Rikimaru is the captain of the Golden Finch Guard.

Daidoji Kazamara sneaks past Ota Shizu and leaves a chalk mark on the lintel of Ota Ryoku's door to let Ota Shizu (or her guard) know that he's beaten their observation.

Ota Ryoko wants to show the Miya the industry of the merchants, affluence of the nobles, and the obedience of the peasants. She and Daidoji Kazomara lay out a route. Start with the peasants, the merchants, then nobles (34 to lay out a route). In Jingore, we set up peasants to be around to bow and show babies and throw wildflowers in the road. In Ubanoru we go into the opium den Shozen. He asks for 8 koku for the castle pickup of opium (we think it's maybe between 3-5 koku worth).

QUEST LOG: Who's doing opium in the castle?

Shozen is told it's his lucky day to go pray to the fortunes and not come back for a day. House is locked and a note on front says it's closed and for sale.

In the garden Ota Ryoko and Ota Rikimaru talk to the gardener and give him guidance on how to hide or draw attention from the death kanji. Decide to remove statues and add water lilies and bamboo that will hide the broken statues. Suggests a poem on a plaque to talk about the ephemeral nature of life. Carpenters set out to carve the poem into a plaque to be lacquered.

The quiet meditation, the broad wild or bamboo fastness, will father's touch remain?

Suggest painting the scar "go away green" (http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/paint-tricks-use-disneys-go-away-green-219276) and to replace the vines.

+4 XP (includes log)

+3 XP for Paige for dinner

+3 XP for Joe for cookies

+3 XP for Ron for booze

+1 XP to Paige for music


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