Daidoji Kazomara

A reserved and quiet Daidoji scout


Daidoji Kazomara joined the Ota family about a decade ago when he was eight. People don’t talk about where he came from, and he’s nominally been a ward of Ota Ekaido since that time. He did his gempukku with appropriate honors. He is quiet and reserved, and unswervingly personally loyal to Ota Ekaido. His skills and proclivities earned him a spot in the Daidoji Scout School, and he seems to be thriving there. Daidoji Nezu, his commander, has overseen his training personally, and it is clear that Daidoji Kazomara has great trust and respect for the woman.

The Ota daimyo seems to have groomed him specifically to marry his daughter, Ota Ryoko, the heir-apparent of the Ota family. To the trained eye, he’s sought to make Kazomara compliant and very sensitive to following authority (so that he can be easily led by Ryoko, leaving her full control of the family). While it’s possible that Ota Ekaido could have made a far more prestigious match for his daughter, Kazomara is considered a very safe bet. Ryoko and Kazomara have been married for several weeks, and are still very much in the early stages of figuring out the relationship.

Kazomara has recently become a merchant patron for the Ota, a position which has taken the interest of Ota Ekaido. One of the elder daimyo’s servants, Aizawa the Merchant has been assigned to work with Kazomara so that his investments are fruitful.


Daidoji Kazomara

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