L5R: Chronicles of the Ota

We're all fine here, how are you!
Session 1

The Clan war has been over for about 6 months. We lost a lot of peasants during the Clan Wars, mostly due to disease. Our troops are currently on the way back to the providence but are currently providing support to the rest of the Cranes.

It is the Month of the Rooster. All of the PCs have been invited to the gardens of the main residence by Ota Ekaido. Something seems to be different in the garden. Each PC noticed something different about the gardens the last time each of us was in the Gardens. Ota Ryoko was accompanied by Ota Ayano and Ota Rikimaru.

After enjoying some sugar confections Abbot Fukai joined us in the Garden, he was also called to the meeting with Ota Ekaido. Rikimaru investigated the damaged statue. Ota Ekaido arrived looking very much the worse for wear. Ota-sama would like for us to arrange for a specific list of people to attend Winter Court at Kyuden Mimura. We discussed if we want to get the Keep to the North back into shape for Winter Court, give that it is currently in disrepair. We are currently about 3 months away from winter (including travel time).

Ryoko called Tiko (who is the head Gardener) into the Garden and asked for an explanation about why the Garden was in such a state of disrepair. Tiko told us that Ota-sama had done the damage to the Garden over the last three nights. 

Things out of place in the Garden:

  • The leaves have started coming off the trees early in Autumn
  • A couple koi ponds, and one of the two statues guarding over the koi ponds is missing two arms
  • It hasn’t been raked this morning
  • The garden is walled, and someone has been pulling at the vines
  • There is a nightingale singing in the day, which is good luck

Ryoko was called with meet with an NPC who arrived to talk with Ota-sama, but he is unavailable due to his illness. Ryoko, Rikimaru, Ota Noriko, Favored Chef of Kuwanan and Ayano meet with Asahina Dorai who had a sealed scroll with the markings of the Doji, in fact from the Captial of the Doji family, to give to Ryoko. Asahina Dorai was given the scroll by Doji Natsuki. The scroll talks of Asahina Dorai as the greatest student that Doji Kuwanan has ever seen and Asahina Dorai has been sent to learn what "we do best". Asahina Dorai is from the school of Numbers, which Ota-sama has great skill in.

During that conversation, Utaku Elham and Daidoji Kazomara investigated the vines that were strangely pulled away from the wall. The vines, when pulled back, make the kanji for death. 

Ryoko was called to meet with a second set of two NPCs from the Miya Clan! One who is a middle aged man and younger women who have both cleaned up before meeting with Ryoko. Miya Ryoshu along with Miya Kanae informed Ryoko that they had arrived to assay the Ota lands after the Clan Wars. Noriko informed with the Miya of how dangerous the Ota lands were after the Clan Wars and Ryoko attempted to save face about this misstep, informing them how safe Ota lands are. They also wanted to see the beauty of the Central Gardens.

During that conversation, Elham and Kazomara moved a large planter in front of the "Death Wall".



4 XP for all (3 base plus 1 for log)
+1 XP for Joe
+3 XP Paige food
+3 XP Koda drinks


Discussion Session - Pregame

3 xp for all

+3 xp for Joe for food

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