Character Creation

Characters must belong to or be significantly indebted to the Ota vassal family of the Daidoji family of the Crane clan. Some options for this include:

Good reasons include:

  • Being a member of the Crane clan
  • Being married or betrothed to a Crane Samurai
  • Being a hostage from another clan, held to ensure compliance with an agreement
  • Being a ronin who has been hired into service; a ronin who was once a Clan samurai does not need to share any details of their former affiliation with the other players (there are a large number of former Scorpion and Lion ronin about).
  • A samurai may serve as the representative of a wealthy or powerful patron who has an interest in the Ota.
  • A bushi may be assigned to serve as yojimbo to another PC who is betrothed to an influential member of another clan.

Follow the standard character creation guidelines in the Core Book. Other sourcebooks are allowed, but please let me know which items from other books you plan to use before the first session so I may examine them.

Additional rules, such as kata, kiho, and alternate and advanced paths, are allowed once play begins, but no PC may start the game with them. If you have a compelling reason to start with one of these, by all means discuss it with me, but my preference is to leave them as things to earn in play. Ancestors are also allowed, but must be discussed with me first. Ancestors offer potent benefits, and make strenuous demands upon their descendants, so I’d like to make sure we are all on the same page before any disagreements come up.

It is possible to acquire many Advantages (and Disadvantages!) during play, either by purchasing them with XP (at list cost +2) or as rewards for downtime activities.

Each character earns XP at the same rate, so even if you never play one of them or have to make a new one, it is assumed that they are keeping themselves busy behind the scenes.

Character Creation

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