To the north, there are the foothills of mountains which eventually form the Spine of the World mountains and Lion clan territory. Much of the foothills and the mountains themselves are unheld and uncontrolled, as they are poor for farming. The road through it is an Imperial road and was once well-patrolled to keep bandits from hiding in the hills. There are a few way stations and inns along the road.

To the east, there is a slim but thriving province lined with ports which is under the control of a fellow Daidoji family, the Rykkaido. Relations between Ota and Rykkaido are warm, as the port lords often trade fish for Ota rations, and then sell the rations throughout the Empire. 

To the south, the Ota province borders the northern most tip of Crab lands. These areas, far from the great Carpenter Wall, are known for their fertile farmlands. The province is held by the Hida, but the previous daimyo died in the clan wars. Relations have yet to be re-established. Their former main town was Hida Hanko, though its state is currently unknown.

To the west, there is a great scar that cuts through the land, and a heavy mist that hangs over it. 
No one has ventured across the scar. 


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