Shiro Ota

The height of the Ota family's influence in the province is a decorated castle. The castle has never had to serve as a true defensive fortification against enemies, and its structure has been modified over the years to serve more as an excellent location for receiving guests from both within and without the clan. 

Guests are allowed to walk around with katana and wakizashi, but no other weapons.

The castle is notably famous among courtesans for two reasons: its food, which has always been remarkable throughout the castle's history and often rivals that of Imperial chefs; and its gardens, which have ben expanded throughout the years to a total of five as Ota daimyo have sought to outdo the previous generation one by one. The eight gardens are:

  • South, a bamboo garden with a number of paths and quiet conversation areas / and the bamboo acts as a sundial during the day / some of the servants believe that the winds that whistle through the south garden may be the wails of a ghost / and it is the only place in Ota lands where night-blooming moonflowers grow (and no one knows who brought them); 
  • East; 
  • West; 
  • North; 
  • Main;
  • Water; 
  • Wild, which does not have space for even five people; and
  • Meditation, which is currently closed.

As its defenses have been pared back generation after generation, it served as a prime target for bandits during the Clan Wars and was occupied a total of three times. The longest occupation was for three weeks before they were wiped out. While there have been improvements made to the guard rotations, where are many rumors that Shiro Ota is full of secret doors and passageways that were worked into the architecture during Ota I's mad reign.

Shiro Ota

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