L5R: Chronicles of the Ota

We are having dinner, damnit!

Session 2

In the garden, Ota Noriko, Favored Chef of Kuwanan dashes off a list of things for the servants to prepare for dinner since the Miya are here. 

Ota Ryoko is pulled aside by a servant. She will be very busy with the unexpected guests.

Asahina Dorai is here to learn province management. He was sent by Doji Kuwanan the Crane Clan Champion.

Miya Ryoshu is here to draw our taxable borders. Miya Kanae is his servant, an apprentice cartographer.

Daidoji Kazomara offers to go get the Daidoji scouts, and get current intelligence so we can start planning our route. Also on his list is seeing about building an observation tower to the southwest to see the scar and keep a watch on it. Used to be a waystation to the southwest. Should check in with Daidoji Nezu to check on that waystation and see if that's a good place to put an observation tower. 

Mimura is the central village of the province. It has barley and rice fields, but more barley than rice. The barley is our main source of income because we have a method of taking the barley and making it into field rations that are somewhat expensive.

Jade Cygnets (Hisui Inkan) - live on rafts and attack water traffic. We mostly ignore them. They're orphans from the war and live a boisterous scamp lifestyle. [Macro a conversation about yummy yaoi buttsex!]

Shinku Ōyamaneko (Crimson Lynx) – Ashigaru deserters led by some former clan samurai who are now ronin. One of them is modestly famous Lion warrior who broke bad. She's been ronin since close to the beginning of the war. Conscientious objector – maybe she was an Akodo. She has a grudge against someone local? But also our soldiers are away for a while.

Widow's Path – a oxpath on the north side of the Widow's Break. Currently being maintained because winter is coming. The swamp has encroached and part of the path is sinking, but it's functional. 

Inn of the Many-Petaled Chrysanthemum – Mural in the Inn of a flower and they add a new petal every year.

THERE ARE FATE POINTS IN THIS GAME!!! Free raise, minor declaration, reroll one die.

Daidoji Nezu's office is near the barracks.  She has two attendants that are young Daidoji samurai. Her office is small and full of maps, one with figurines of bandits and troops. It looks like the Ōyamaneko have expanded territory in the northwest. She says that there are Crimson Lynx bandits there. 

Campaign Aspect: "It's worst"

Utaku Elham is house sitting an ostentatious house in town that was formerly occupied by a Unicorn merchant so it's not repossessed for taxes.

At dinner, we have: Ota Atsumi (Ota Ekaido's young wife), Ota Briari (Ota Keiasu's wife), Ota Masami (Ota Rikimaru's wife).  Ota ​​​​​​​Tsuniko is there as first servant. Asahina Dorai is gently dissuaded from making notes. He asks to join Ota Noriko in the kitchen and is also gently dissuaded from it because she's a real witch in the kitchen. 

A herald comes out to read the menu:

  • Sun rise on the mountain
  • Spring maidens hair in the wind
  • Nights' Placid sea
  • Snow monkey at the hot spring
  • Champion's rest

Ota Atsumi is good to Ota Ekaido and is funny and compassionate. Looking forward to being the dowager daimyo. Seems to get along well with Ota Ryoko and is teaching her how to get along in polite society. She seems all sweetness and light and has a meal ticket unless she messes this up.

Ota Briari comes to dinner and is awkward and bitter. She's apparently good friends with Ota Masami. Ota Briari is apparently very friendly with Utaku Elham as well. (And Joe has realized that she's part of the Mean Girls Clique.) Onēsan (older sister). (Or Oni no Onē according to Daidoji Kazomura).

There is a castle bard that performs a musical interlude. (2 influence.) Ota Kiyushi 

Rikimaru wonders why the dessert had to be set on fire. It speaks to life's impermanence – or the colors of the fire represent the loss of so many people in the clan wars.


+3 XP Joe for sake

+3 XP Andrew for curry

+3 XP Paige for crane cakes

 +1 XP Paige for music

(Koda will be making edamame next week.)


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