Ota Noriko, Favored Chef of Kuwanan

No nonsense Asahina shugenja and master chef


Noriko pioneered a ration preservation method known as ice-dessication. Where other Crane chefs had harnessed air magic to dry foods quickly, she noticed this was often accompanied by a loss of food texture and nutrition. Noriko developed a method by which the foodstuff was first placed in a banded iron vessel, then chilled rapidly, and the air evacuated from the vessel using powerful magic. This yielded a ration that was not only more appetizing, but was far lighter and more readily reconstituted than conventionally dried. An entire month’s food for a Crab legion could be carried by a horse team.

Noriko is a talented chef and Asahina shugenja. Impatient. Sharp tongued. Abrasive. She learned the culinary arts from her uncle, and her magical arts from her mother.


Ota Noriko, Favored Chef of Kuwanan

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