Current Province Statistics

Current Ota family province stats are as follows:

Defense 28: Defensible, with one fortified town. Roads and trails are present, along with a river that dances between Crane and formerly Scorpion lands. The ruins of an unfinished castle lie to the north, preparations on it begun but unfinished once the Matsu began to attack.

Influence 57: Maximum Lord's Status 6. A major house among the vassal families, you command more power in the courts than some major clan families. Provided enough support, you could vie for a position as a full recognized family rather than a vassal family. Many seek both your favor and your undoing.
-2 Ota Bard / Ota Kiyushi

Lands 24: A modest stretch of land. The Ota lands stretch along Scorpion border, and the farmlands are fertile but few. It's common to get a lot of rain, and there's a lot of untamed swamplands. The Ota primary crop is barley, and it is a quick growing variety that can be harvested twice a year. 

Law 26: The Ota family exercises the typical amount of law in the Empire. Bandits, thievery, and lesser crimes can be commonplace but not out of control. Bandit attacks and theft around harvest seasons are relatively common.

Population 19: The Ota are home to a small population but no single community larger than a small town. The single central town, Mimura, is broken up into three small districts known as Jingore, Omiatsu, and Ubanoru. There are a number of unremarkable hamlets as well.

Power 42: The Ota have access to a large force of diverse, trained, and competent soldiers along with access to tacticians and samurai should the need arise. Many of these forces have been devoted to protecting Crane lands, and are on loan with family coalition forces against Crab and Lion. 
-4 Daidoji Nezu, Scout Commander
-1 Ota Shizu, Night Guard
-X Kyuden Ota

Wealth 32: The Ota family is prosperous, though poor compared to many of the Crane, particularly compared to the majesty and wealth of the Doji and the Kakita. The other families have no problem reminding you of that even as many others outside the Crane scrape to get by. 

Current Province Statistics

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