Omiatsu hosts the finest homes in Mimura, estates for the samurai and more wealthy of the merchants. Sadly, many of them have collapsed in recent years and many more have been vacant since the early days of the Clan War. As a result there is now a shortage of quality homes in the area.

The collapse of the homes can be traced back to flooding that happened 8 years ago when the Golden Koi River slipped its banks. The waters of the soft-bottomed river began to swell and the swift stream turned into a marsh. The soil became soft and fertile, but the foundations supporting most of the rich homes in the village sank into the boggy soil, and in a few years many of the homes were gone. Work that might have been done to save the homes was put off as the town paid host to marauding Crab and Lion armies, many of home invited themselves to stay in the few remaining homes.

With all of the other things going on, Ota Tsuniko has not been able to devote enough time and resources to repairs to the homes which have had 'guests' from the marauding armies. Some of the collapsed homes have been demolished to remove the eyesore, while others are still present.









O1 – Half-collapsed Noble Temple to the Fortunes

O2/O4 – Residence and storehouse of Iuchi Kazei

O3 – Ota Ekaido’s Town Residence

O5 – Dojo

O6 – Residence of Doji Agamori

O7 – Collapsed Home

O8 – Collapsed Home

O9 – Home of Toritaka Homitsu (Currently Away)

O10 – Collapsed Home

O11 – Trading Post that has fallen on hard times with few caravans coming through

O12 – Bathhouse

O13 – Collapsed Home


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